Big curling triala

Polish National Junior Curling Championships that took place in Bielsko–Biała in March 2008 were the final trial before the 9th European Youth Winter Olympic Festival Śląsk-Beskidy 2009. The curling ice arena was built at the Bielsko Mechanic School.

The costs of purchase of the ice arena and its installation were 560 thousand Polish zloty. The installation process started only two weeks before the competition was held. After the flooring of the school’s sports hall had been covered with special icing mats, the curling tracks were made. This was quite a unique, almost pioneer like venture, not only in Poland. “I have never seen anything like that before. Maybe only at big shopping centres before Christmas! Well done” – said Kirk Smith, Technical Delegate of the World Curling Union, who came to see the three day competition with twelve teams competing. “We were quite shocked when we found out, nevertheless very happy to have come here.

We have never competed in such a well prepared ice arena in Poland” – said Krzysztof Beck, the coach of the gold medal winner team of Marlex Katowice.” I think this was done for the first time in Europe ever, but everything came out very well” – commented Paweł Turek, junior team coach from Toruń.